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Producing Apparel Ethically and Locally

Factory Selection

It is extremely important to us to utilize local garment manufacturers so we maintained a high level of involvement in the production of our items, are cognizant of the working conditions, wages and benefits of all persons employed, and promote a "Made in Canada" brand. We use an Edmonton based factory as well as local home seamstresses to make all our products.

Woman is standing and holding a Maligne coat that is on a hanger and looking at it
Sourcing Materials

We strive to use natural and high quality materials in all our garments. This is achieved by sampling many fabrics and  conducting rigorous quality control testing to make sure our garments wash and wear well. It is our intention to make items that you can wear for years and keep out of the landfills.

A colourful assortment of Rundle wraps hanging in a row
Every Bit Counts

It is our goal to send as little fabric scraps to the landfills as possible. As a result of that goal, our Rundle Wraps are produced yielding almost zero fabric waste. The size of our wraps were  intentionally selected so the whole width of the fabric bolt is used and the scrap flannel from the u-shape cut out is repurposed to make our scrunchies.

A pile of colourful scrunchies
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