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Our crowdfunding campaign is running February 1 - February 28

We love life outside. What we don't love is the lack of options avaliable to women when it comes to warm, functional and well-fitted clothing for life outside. Women often have to make the decision between wearing men's oversized and frumpy clothing in order to be warm, or wearing women's fashionable and well-fitted clothing, often ending up cold and uncomfortable. That's the problem! 


We found a solution! Designing and producing outdoor apparel is no joke. It requires sourcing high quality fabrics that are fit for the elements of our Canadian climate and ensuring proper manufacturing. We are crowd funding in order to raise the funds needed to add to our existing product line. The success of this campaign will allow us to run our first production line of the LumberJill coat through an ethical and local manufacturer in Calgary, Alberta.  


We need your support! We would love for YOU to be a part of our story, by helping us build a brand that is able to live out its values everyday: A brand that values ethically producing the highest quality items. A brand that wants to provide you with exceptional customer service. A brand that wants to build community and lift eachother up.


With the success of this campaign we will be able to make more of our dreams into reality and help all women to live their best lives outside!